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Friday, December 12th, 2003
12:37 pm
Christmas is coming.
The goose is getting fat.
Please put a penny in the old man's hat.

Wow! It has been an incredibly busy year. But I seem to be making progress in all my classes --even Potions. (Is it me, or has Snape gotten almost ...pleasant... since he announced his engagement?) And Hermione has been helping me study for my O.W.L.S.

I'd originally asked Draco to tutor me, but... well... we get too distracted, and the places our noses get buried don't even remotely resemble books!

I gave him the stuffed Jarvey last week. He hasn't said anything about it yet, but I am once again in possession of his dragon. So I suppose things are going pretty well there.

Too bad he's going home for the Holidays --all that time with no classes to worry about and he won't even be here. Just me and Harry as far as I can tell. Hermione's parents are taking her to EuroDisney in Paris. Mum and Dad are going with Bill to meet Fleur's parents. And Ron is spending Christmas with the Creeveys.

It seems Mum's still a bit twitchy about Ron's sexuality, but Dad got over it as soon as he learned that Colin and Dennis are muggle-born. Between the Grangers and the Creeveys, Dad is in alt! He can ask them all the silly questions he wants without worrying about giving the Magic World away. I think he was almost upset that Mum insisted he meet the Delacourts this Holiday. From what I gather, he's envying Ron the time he'll be spending in Surrey.

My roommates are teasing me, of course, about having Harry all to myself for two weeks. They just don't understand that we don't think of each other that way. (Though this will give me the opportunity to filch some hairs or fingernail clippings from him so I can give Draco a treat when he gets back.)

With any luck, I'll be able to work on Harry a bit about Draco. I think they really should get together. It's obvious they both want to. That would be an even better gift for Draco than me-in-Harry-form.

I still have to come up with a real gift for Draco though. What do you get someone with more money in his piggybank than you'll see in a lifetime?

All my other gifts are bought, though. Madame Hooch has been letting me tutor the First & Second years in Flying. She says I'm a natural. And though I suppose it's not entirely proper, she's been paying me a small stipend for doing so. She says she'd like to tutor me in other things as well, when I'm older.

I think she's talking about sex. I know we've discussed it a few more times after I returned the book she loaned me. And for all that she's a teacher, I could almost imagine our talks becoming a bit less theoretical and a bit more "hands on". For an older woman she has an outstanding figure.

And shes been totally non-judgmental when I've told her about some of my ...tastes. She says I show a healthy curiosity and that as long as everyone involved is enjoying themselves, there's nothing wrong with "being imaginative". She's also promised to introduce me to Remus Lupin once I'm 17, though I've already met him, of course. I'm surprised she isn't aware of that.

EDIT: I think I know what I want to get Draco for Christmas. All I need now is to convince Madame Hooch to acquire it for me...

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Saturday, November 8th, 2003
6:49 pm
Man! But sixth year is busy. I don't know HOW Draco found as much time as he did to spend with me. Unless, of course, he paid someone to do all his studying & assignments for him.

Anyway, a quick overview of this term so far:

Dorm IssuesCollapse )

What I learned over Summer HolidayCollapse )

And money spent for a good cause.Collapse )

And speaking of Draco. As soon as I get the chance to talk to him --when is the first Quidditch Match between our two houses, anyway?-- I'm going to ask him if he's willing to try an experiment. Y'see, while going over the Ministry notes on Barty Crouch's impersonation of Mad-Eye moody, I discovered the breakdown of his Polyjuice Potion. He didn't use the regular recipe. All the required elements were there, but he'd added cinnamon and clove for flavor. I've since found out that chocolate syrup makes it both smoother and more palatable. So... if I can talk Draco into it, I was thinking about switching bodies for an hour or two & then having sex with each other.

AS each other.

I wonder if he'd go for it.

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
11:39 am
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig
I managed to steal some time with Draco on the Hogwarts Express ride home. Not much, mind you, not even enough to fit in a quickie. But I gave him his dragon back & he gave me this gorgeous ring that matches my dress. Then I showed him the book Madame Hooch gave me. It's called The Power of Submission. It sounds like a total oxymoron, but I started reading it while the boys played Snapdragon in our compartment.

Hermione was off somewhere... I think with Susan Bones.

Anyway, the book says that in a healthy Dom/sub relationship, it's the sub that really holds the reins. I think I need to read this some more. Draco & I have played at this game, but I think maybe we can get a lot more out of it.

I also talked to Dad about that Ministry Internship. He said it sounded like a great idea & would see if there are openings anywhere. I think he's proud that I want to be a part of our government instead of 'wasting time at the joke shop'.

Well, Fred & George might pay better, but I'd never feel safe meeting Draco there. They'd probably be even nastier to him than they are to Harry's cousin Dudbrain.

Ron said I could use Pig to send messages to Draco as long as I don't tell Mum & Dad about Colin. He's not sure how they're going to take it when he tells them he's gay, and wants to talk to Charlie & Bill first. Like Bill knows anything about that. He's a straight as they come. Charlie might be better since we're all pretty sure he's shacking up with another guy in Romania.

Anyway, it's good to be home, even if we are a bit tightly packed here. Tonight I'm going to have a long girl-to-girl talk with Fleur Delacourt. I'll be she can teach me a few things Draco's never seen before. I know she's got Bill right where she watns him...

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
10:11 pm
Wow. Just ...WOW!
So, there I was, alone and sexually frustrated after Neville took off. I'd headed back to Gryffindor Tower, but… that's where I figured Neville had gone. I wanted to sneak up to my room & get some of my toys, and maybe my towel, thinking I'd finish myself off in the bath, but I didn't think I could face Neville --and I was pretty sure he couldn't face me. So, I just kind of wandered the halls for a bit, hoping something would come to me.

Distract me.

Take my mind off how desperately I needed to shove my hand up my skirt.

But I suppose that that was distracting enough, because the next thing I knew I was back in the Third Floor corridor, at the end of the hall from where Harry & Draco were shagging.

Though… I had been gone a while. They might have finished by now.

And what do I see but my boyfriend storming out of the room, his clothes all disheveled like he'd put them on in a rush. Well… maybe not so obviously to anyone else, but I'd gotten used to seeing Draco that way & could tell the difference. I smiled at that thought.

So… Harry & Draco were finished, then. I wondered if I could get Draco to tell me all about it. I could take care of myself while experiencing their romp vicariously. Or maybe even convince Draco to finish me off with his mouth or his hands if he was too tired to fuck. I called his name…

He turned to me, this half wild look on his face. Something was wrong, I could tell. He did not look like someone who'd just had his way with the lover he's been pining for all year. There wasn't anything even vaguely resembling an afterglow. He looked …angry. He grabbed my hand and dragged me off, trying every door in the corridor. I tried to ask him what was going on, but I was a little breathless, I guess, because he didn't seem to hear me.

When he finally found a room that was open, he pulled me into it. He muttered some charm at the door as we passed it and then kicked it shut behind him. Then he grabbed me by the waist, lifting me onto a table and yanking off my panties with one single motion. He was like an animal.

Boy was I turned on.

It was like he needed this even more than I did. And he came to me to get it!

It was all the foreplay I needed.Collapse )

I don't know what came over me after that. Maybe I was just all warm & fuzzy feeling from the sex. Or maybe it was the laughing and cuddling that went on between and after. But I broke down and started thinking about all the "what-ifs" that I'd been denying myself for a while. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I wanted a lot more from Draco than just shagging at school.

I wanted a future.Collapse )

So… Draco & I are going to work out plans to hook up over the summer. And I'm not the only one who's getting in deep here --which is a relief. And the sex just keeps getting better and better.

I'm terrified I'm going to wake up.

I wonder if Fleur will be spending time out at the Burrow again this summer. I'll bet I can pick up a few things from her………..

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
6:25 pm
What a totally weird day.
I had planned a nice interlude with Draco off in a lesser-used room on the third floor. Inspired by Snape's diary --snort-- I wrote him a poem inviting him to meet me, adding a touch of mystery with the last line. I gave it to one of the dwarves that hang around and convinced him to memorize it, and tell it to Draco. Then I went down to the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. (I intended to be very busy during lunch, don't you know.)

When Dobby found out I was meeting "Young Master Malfoy", he gave me a picnic basket of good food for sex. It seems he had to make these all the time for Draco's parents and knew just what to put in it. Hmmm… I think that was more than I needed to know about them.

Well, I knew more than I needed to know about Lucius Malfoy anyway. Eww.

So… I went up to the third floor corridor with the picnic basket over my arm, and found that the door was locked. "Alohomora" didn't work to open it. Neither did any of the other charms I learned from Flitwick. But that actually only made me happier, because if I couldn't get it unlocked, neither could anyone else short of Hermione or Dumbledore, and neither of them had a reason to be up here.

I didn't worry about getting in, of course. The room had really high windows, and according to Hooch, I'm a "precision flyer". I put down the picnic basket and followed the corridor until I could find a place with a direct view of my dorm window. "Accio Cleensweep!"

The Best Laid Plans...Collapse )

So I flew back across the campus and into my dorm window. I was bringing the picnic basket back down when I saw Neville alone in the Common Room.

"Hi, Ginny," he said, blushing as red as the carpet.

I can't believe he still blushes every time he sees me. But at least he was talking to me now. Of course, seeing the blush reminded me of WHY he blushes, and I got all worked up all over again. Though I suppose I'd never really come down from watching Harry and Draco in the first place.

I don't take care of my needs in my room anymore. Too much chance of them walking in and giving me a hard time.

And then I got this idea.

My Brilliant IdeaCollapse )

I hope he lets me talk to him later, but I'm afraid we actually lost ground. Maybe Ron or Colin or Harry can tell him that I don't mind.

Mind you, I was still left aroused and unrelieved. Masturbating helped a little bit, but it just wasn't the same. And Draco probably won't be any good, not after spending the afternoon with Harry.

Should I shag Colin after all?

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Thursday, June 26th, 2003
1:55 am
Tryst & Shout
I've arranged a secret rendezvous with Draco. I mean... he'll probably think it's from me, but...

I didn't write him a note. He knows my handwriting by now. What I did was get one of the dwarves --like that Ponceyboy Blockhead used for Valentine's Day during First Year. The dwarf is supposed to find Draco alone and recite the invitation to meet an admirer in the room where Fluffy was kept. I wrote it as a limerick. It's pretty silly I guess, but...... it's better than the crap Snape wrote.

He'll probably decide it wasn't from me, since Fluffy was before my time here.

I wonder who he'll think it is from.

Now.... to find that green negligee with the dyed maribou trim.....

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
7:25 pm
Well.... with Professor Dumbledore's party a mere week away, Madame Hooch has posted the names of the students who made the Precision Flying teams. Harry & Draco made the 6th Year team, of course. But that was a given. This means that after class, when they aren't studying up for their NEWTS, they'll be over at the Pitch, practicing those drills.

I didn't make the 5th Year team. Madame Hooch says it isn't because my flying isn't up it, though. It's my broom that couldn't handle it. She said I need to "get rid of that mouldy old Cleansweep and acquire a Nimbus or a Firebolt." She says that then I could probably outfly anyone here at Hogwarts.

That's all well & good, but where the fuck am I supposed to get a Nimbus or a Firebolt. By the time I get to own one of those, they'll be as outdated as my hand-me-down Cleansweep.

I don't mind, really. It means that I actually get to watch the show instead of standing in a locker room waiting to take to the air myself.

Of course, it also means that I'm pretty much going to be without a boyfriend for most of a week. Though it'll be fun to see how he & Harry get on now they have to work together. Who knows? They may even manage to get around to doing something about their mutual attraction.

I suppose I could find other ways to fill my free time. I'd study for my OWLS, but I feel like if I spend one more minute doing that my brain will explode. Same thing for my end of term tests.

I could try to make some more headway with Neville, I suppose. Find a way to get him to talk to me without stuttering. Maybe even have him look me in the eye. You'd think he'd be able to do that by now. Easter was ages ago.

Or maybe I could ask Sirius how someone becomes an animage. McGonagall says I'm really good at Transfigurations, and that's just another type of that, isn't it? I mean, it doesn't use a wand --at least, I've never seen Sirius or McGonagall use a wand. But the theory's gotta be the same.

I wonder what animal I should become........

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
11:49 pm
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Well, it's Tuesday, and Draco and I finally managed to hook up for our mid-afternoon date. I had gotten permission to miss Charms class, since Professor Flitwick was reviewing material I had already succeeded at. So I met Draco at the library and we headed off to Snape's office. We walked side by side down the hall, our bookbags over our shoulders. Mine didn't have books in it, of course... or at least not only books. I had hoped Draco had thought ahead, too, and brought some of his own little toys. We turned down the corridor into the dungeons and headed straight to Snape's section. We went right up to the door of his office, and walked in as if we'd been called there. We knew he wasn't inside, mind you, since the door of his classroom was open and we could hear him lecturing about the benefits of fresh taro root as opposed to dry. Draco smiled and held the door for me, then followed me into the room.

The GoodCollapse )

Draco makes the cutest noises in the back of his throat when you startle him. But from the way his body reacted to my little teases, he really enjoyed the game. At one point I couldn't resist my own needs and climbed up to straddle his lap. I could see his arms straining at the bindings, like he wanted to grab me and help. I almost didn't let him, but I was afraid he'd injure his wrists.

"The tie holding your hands has a slip-knot. If you can reach the end and pull, you'll be free."

Well… that didn't take him long at all. And then he was grabbing my waist in both hands and increasing the tempo of my ride.

The BadCollapse )

We got out of the office just as we heard the door from the classroom open. As Draco was closing our door behind us, I saw two of the Gryffindor ties on the floor by the chair. I guess they were the ones I had used for his legs.


Anyway, I figured it'd just be a matter of time before Snape found those & came looking for the Gryffindor that left them, so I started wandering around Snape's room trying to find a place to hide. I started opening chests and wardrobes wondering if anything big enough to hide in wouldn't also be so obvious that he'd neglect to look there. I didn't see any way out of his rooms short of walking through the office he was currently standing in. Of course, there were more rooms deeper into the apartment, but I was kind of loathe to go there and get really screwed if there was no way out.

"What's this?" I heard Draco whisper, and looked over my shoulder to see him pick up a book. "Looks like Snape keeps a diary."

"Draco, that's personal," I hissed, imagining how I'd feel if someone started reading mine.

"If he didn't want people to read it, then he wouldn't have left it out to be found."

He sat down in a recliner and opened the book. I continued to search for a hiding place as he started to read aloud: "I'm a grown man, for Merlin's sake..."

The UglyCollapse )

Ah well... At least now we have enough blackmail material to keep Snape from harping on us about our relationship. If he says one word to anyone --though according to his diary, he doesn't intend to tell Mr Malfoy-- we'll spill the beans. About his wardrobe, about Madame Pomfrey, about Luscious Lucius.

I'm intrigued about what he wrote about Madame Hooch, and who his parents are. I have a suspicion, but...

No. That's just too weird for words.

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
2:10 am
I. Hate. Erin!
She has been such a bitch lately.

I mean, all my roommates have been bitches, but Erin really takes the ribbon.

She's been going around prancing in front of Draco like some sort of prize filly in season. I swear, she's all but tied a big red bow on and served herself up for his dinner.

And then, there are the comments she makes to me:

"I should have realized all along you were talking about Draco. He always was an outstanding lover."

"I think I was fooled because I never imagined he'd hook up with you."

"Seriously, Ginny, who could have imagined that someone like you would end up shagging someone like him."

She's worse than Pansy Parkinson!

At least Draco hasn't been responding to her. Not even sneering. He's just totally ignoring her as if she wasn't there at all. It's been wonderful to watch.

Still, I wish there was some way I could just shut her up. Put her in her place...

...beneath me.


Draco & I have been trying to come up with someone we could have a menage with...

Wouldn't it be just beautiful if he invited her for what she thought was an evening alone with him, only to learn she has to share him with me.

Or, more accurately, that he would be sharing her with ME! That his whole purpose for extending the invitation to her was for my pleasure.

That would be so sweet.

I wonder............

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
4:34 am
Well, I've tried to give Neville enough time to get over my little display at Easter, but it seems it's just not working. He still can't look me in the eye.

I think it's time for drastic measures.

Part of me wants to just walk up to him, grab his head between my hands and plant a wet one on him. Just snog him into submission. Play a bit of tonsil-hockey.

But I think that would defeat my purpose.

Instead, I'm going to force my company on him, but pretend as if everything was the same as it was before Easter; like nothing ever happened. Just sit down next to him in the library and ask him to help me prep for my Herbology Final. Act as if there was nothing weird about the way he's been treating me lately.

Maybe that'll get him to loosen up a bit and start talking to me again.

It's worth a try, anyway.....

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Sunday, May 18th, 2003
11:23 pm
It was a pretty nice day today, 15º and not too cloudy. It was nice enough that Draco and I decided to do some studying out on the lawn. I have my OWLs coming up --which I am not looking forward to at all-- and Draco has promised to help me get ready for them. Of course, I just enjoy the fact that we can sit together openly now, without catching shit from people. They're getting more and more used to seeing us as a couple.

Mind you, I still have to deal with the continuous presence of the Goons. They are part and parcel of Draco's entourage. But they sat a bit away from me and Draco, and though they faced in our direction, they refuse to look at me.

I finally got around to asking Draco why.

His answer surprised me.Collapse )

But I can't stop wondering why it's so important to him. I must be missing something.

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
2:43 am
My Day at Hogsmeade
Draco and I went to Hogsmeade as a couple for the very first time. We met up at breakfastCollapse )

Anyway, since it was a pretty nice day, we decided to walk to Hogsmeade. He held my hand the whole way. And when we were window-shopping, he had his arm around me. A couple of the kids stared at us, and other kids glared at us, but none of them had the stones to say anything. Draco and I were both wearing our "patronizing" face, and the Goons were cracking their knuckles a lot. But we were turning it all into a kind of joke. Draco was telling me nasty little tidbits about everyone under his breath.

It's hard to look stern and aloof when all you really want to do is point and giggle.

We were ready to rest for a while, and headed over to the Three Broomsticks for lunch when I saw Ron & the others go inside.

While everyone had been civil to each other at breakfast, I didn't want to push my luck. Draco and the Goons would never have been willing to sit at table with my brother and our friends, and I didn't want to have to snub some of my staunchest supporters. So I made a detour into the metalsmith's shop.Collapse )

"What was that all about?" he asked as we descended the steps into the street.

"This." I turned until we were facing each other and kissed him on the cheek as I put the box in one of his hands. "It's for you."

He opened the box slowly, pushing the tissue aside. He looked surprised as he lifted the brooch off the velvet lining. I took it from him and pinned it to his cloak.

"Thank you."

He didn't say anything else. But I caught him looking at it a couple of times, when he thought I wouldn't notice.

I was kind of glad he didn't ask me why I got him a gift, but kind of disappointed, too. I had this whole speech rehearsed about it being a "thank you" present. For not abandoning me. For sticking with me and behind me and beside me. For sending Justin Finch-Fletchley to the Hospital Wing after he grabbed my tit in the corridor.

"I'm hungry," I heard one of the Goons whine from behind us. "Can we go eat now?"

Draco looked as disgusted as I was. "Yes. We can go eat."

And then we headed off to the Three Broomsticks to grab some lunch.

Coffee, Tea or MeCollapse )

He leaned over and nipped my ear. "Behave yourself."

Me? Behave Myself?!

I squeezed him. Hard.

Then I leaned over and put my mouth next to his ear. "I know a place where we can go to be alone...Collapse )

We lay there, Draco & I, until the dusk started bringing a chill to the air. Then we slowly, reluctantly, got dressed. I asked Draco to help with my zip. He said something I didn't quite hear.


"This skirt, this sweater. They won't do. The color's all wrong for you. And the material is shabby."

"Beggars can't be choosers. Mum gets me what's available."

"Well. You're no beggar, Ginny, and you shouldn't have to dress as one."

And as we walked through town on our way back to Hogwarts, he steered me into a clothing boutiqueCollapse )

I don't even remember the walk back to Hogwarts. I was that stunned.

Hell, it's hours later and I'm still stunned.

And I haven't changed out of the dress yet. I may even sleep in it....

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
1:10 am
I am SO relieved
I was a bit surprised the other day when Colin walked up to me in Transfigurations and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Because I owe you a massive favor. And besides, you looked like you could use it."

Well.... since I was sitting next to Erin, I suppose I did need it. She has been the worst of the lot when it comes to my roommates. I had been closer to her than any of the others, and now she acts like I've killed and eaten her mother, or something.

The lesson McGonagall was teaching us was pretty simple. I got it right on the first try --which left me the whole rest of the class to think about what Colin had said.

A favor. He owed me a favor....

I caught up to him after class and called it in. I asked him to go talk to Neville and find out if there was any way I could redeem our friendship.

"He can't look at me anymore," I told Colin. "I must have totally disgusted him to the point where he doesn't like me. Maybe he's even upset that we'd once been pretty good friends. Or at least, that he'd been seen with me, like we were dating or something."

Colin looked at me kind of strangely, and I realized I was babbling.

"Please, Colin. Just talk to him. OK? I hate the idea that he won't be my friend anymore."

Colin agreed to try.

Later that night, after dinner, he dragged me off to the library --which is usually empty on a Friday night-- and told me what Neville said.

He still likes me! It's not that he's disgusted with me, it's that he's attracted to me. Or to what I can do anyway. He's embarrassed because he's thinking the same thing that every other boy at Hogwarts is thinking...

That's so sweet. That it embarrasses him, I mean.

Not like all the other boys, who are rude, lewd & crude about it. It almost makes me want to give Neville what all the others are asking for, just to be perverse.

Besides, I think I'd like being with Neville. He won't have the experience that Draco has, so the sex won't be earth-shattering. But I bet it'd be all romantic and cuddly --like Harry & Hermione. That might be kind of nice for a change.

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Thursday, May 1st, 2003
6:01 am
Wow. I didn't realize I was that tired. But after that ...meeting... with Neville, I went out to the Pitch to be alone. And I fell asleep there.

I usually go out there when I'm having trouble sleeping. It's quiet and peaceful, with a gorgeous view of the stars. I'll often lie back on one of the benches and stare at the sky. But I've never actually fallen asleep out there.

Madame Hooch found me and brought me into the First Aid room, where I woke up. (How strange is that?) We talked for a little while. She told me not to worry about what all the other students were saying, because it's obvious that it's all bullshit. (My word, not hers. I think she called it "codswallop".) And as for Neville... well, she said to be patient, that he'd come around in time.

And she said if I ever needed someone to talk to I could come and find her.

She walked me back to Gryffindor Tower then, I suppose to prevent Filch from threatening me with thumbscrews.

I do feel a little better, I suppose, now that I've spilled some of my guts. But I really wish there was some way I could fix my friendship with Neville.

It really hurts that he thinks so little of me now that he can't even look me in the face.

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5:51 am

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Sunday, April 27th, 2003
11:35 pm
He can't face me.

Oh, God.

He. Can't. Even. Look. At. Me!

I tried to return Trevor to him, like I've done a hundred times before, and he couldn't...

...the ceiling, the floor, anywhere but me...

What am I supposed to do now?

...and I just can't seem to stop crying...

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4:54 am
Wednesday Night
Well... It started out shitty, got better, got MUCH better, and now I'll update the journal & it's time for bed.

To begin with, it had been another rough day.Collapse )

Still, it wasn't all bad.

While I was sitting at the escritoire in the corner, doing my homework for Binns Boring Bullshit History of Magic, Colin came over and pulled up a footstool. He sat so he could be facing me and the room at the same time. He's been really good about this.Collapse )

"You want me to walk you up to your room? Stare down Erin & the others?"

"No. I won't be going up for a while. I have a date at midnight."

He frowned. "You're going out to meet Draco alone, at that hour?"

"Yes. But I have Harry's cloak, so it'll be OK."

He smiled. No… he grinned. "Well, then, enjoy yourself. You deserve a little fun after the past couple of days."

And when midnight rolled around, he even opened the portrait for me so I could get out undetected. It's almost like having another brother. I'm glad I've never shagged him. I think it would have made this too awkward.

And then… then there was my date with Draco.

After getting past the Pink Lady, I hurried down to the Prefects' Bath. I got there just in time to see Draco turning into the corridor from the other direction. He was looking over his shoulder, though, and I was wondering if he'd been followed. But, even when he got closer, I didn't see anyone else. Still, I walked over to him before he got to the door and whispered his name. He looked right through me, but he smiled.

"Ready for some adventure?"

Oh yeah. I was.

We got to the door of the washroom, and he used the password to open it. It was a different password. I'll have to remember to tell Harry & Ron. And then, as he would stepped past the open door & would have walked into the room, I flung the cloak over him and stepped back. The door closed in front of us, but to any observer, it would have looked like he'd gone into the Bath.

I know Ron says that he & Harry have used the cloak a bunch of times. And even a few times with Hermione, too. I can't imagine it covering three people. Draco & I had to stay pretty close to keep from having one or the other of us exposed.

Not that me minded, of course.

So, he put his bath stuff into my backpack, and with our arms around each other, we headed off to McGonagall's office so I could re-enact my autoeroticism for him. Among other things.

We had decided to take a shortcut down a narrow service corridor when we suddenly came within a metre of bumping into Filch. Draco reacted quickly, though, and turned to press my back to the wall, stepping as close to me as he could.

We were both breathing heavy, and I could feel Draco getting aroused.

"Eh? Anyone there?" Filch held up his lantern and looked in our direction. "Mrs. Norris? Peeves? I know someone's there."

He started walking over to us, looking about suspiciously.

And then Draco was kissing me. I mean, seriously snogging. His hands were holding my face still, and his body was crushing me against the paneling. It was the best kiss we'd shared. And when one hand slid under my sweater to tease and fondle me, it was all I could do not to moan into his mouth. I'm not entirely sure I managed it.

Filch was so close, I was amazed he couldn't feel the fabric of the cloak.

I wanted to keep my eyes open, to see where Filch was & what he was doing, but Draco was way too distracting. I finally gave up, closing my eyes and relaxing totally into Draco & what he was doing. It was like nothing we'd ever done before, and yet like all of it. Only moreso.

I never even heard it when Filch left the corridor.

And then, when we finally got to McGonagall's office!


How do I explain it?

It was... intense. Exciting. Almost overwhelming. It was --well, it was a lot like that first time in the bath, but even more amazing.

We even played Truth or Dare again.

I think the risk of getting caught made the whole thing more intense. The entire night felt like that kiss we had under Filch's crooked nose. There we were, in the Deputy Headmistresses Office. No locks, no silencing spell, nothing to warn us if anyone was coming. And while it might have been midnight, McGonagall has been known to be up at that hour.

Especially if there's a chance of a student being out after curfew.

Warning Eplicit Sexual Content!Collapse )

What was that?

oh… Trevor. Neville must have lost him again. I'd better pick him up and take him upstairs before he gets too far away…

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Sunday, April 20th, 2003
6:43 pm
How to Play With Your Food
I never knew Professor McGonagall was such a prude. I mean, I thought she could scrunch her face up when I was late for Transfigration class, but it's nothing compared to the look she got this morning at breakfast. She looked like she'd just spent the last week sucking lemons.

And speaking of sucking fruit...

Food PornCollapse )

I wonder if Draco & I will have to do detention together. That might be fun...

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Monday, April 7th, 2003
11:16 pm
Random Thoughts
I didn't realise until recently that I sit at meals facing the Slytherin table. I know for sure that I didn't used to. I think that maybe I switched seats with Colin after he & my brother decided to become a couple. Because I can watch Draco at mealtimes now, and no one seems to have mentioned my choice of seating --so it can't have coincided with my new fascination. Someone would have been bound to make the connection if it did.

But anyway...

I was watching at lunchtime to see him react to a package I knew he'd be getting by owl. I knew he'd be getting it because I sent it. I had managed to convince the house elves to let me loose in the kitchens two days ago, and I made a batch of gingerbread cookies. I cut them into shapes of snakes and snitches and sleeping dragons. (I was tempted to use little heart-shaped candies for the eyes of the dragons, but decided that was a little too obvious.) Then I packed the good ones into a box and snuck out to Hogsmeade to send them off. It would be way too obvious if he got them delivered by a school owl, I think. By this time most of the students can recognize all of the school owls, but I think few of them bother with the owlery in town.

Anyway, I had managed to shift along the bench to a position where I could see him clearly --in spite of four rows of people sitting between me and him. The owls came into the room, dropping letters and parcels along the tables. I saw Draco catch the box, and look at it curiously.

And then I got heard a loud crash. "Bugger," Ron said as he stood up and blocked my view of Draco. "It's Errol."

You'd think, with five sons out of the house, that mum would realise she doesn't have to economise quite so much as she used to. Poor Errol really does desperately need to be retired. I'm amazed he can still fly at all at his age.

Harry helped Ron lift Errol out of the mess of glassware, food and cutlery, while Hermione pried an envelope out of his talons.

"It's for you, Ginny."

Me? I took the envelope from her and looked at it. Yup, it was for me. I set it down by the side of my plate trying to appear nonchalant. Then I glanced back over to the Slytherin table, only to realize that I'd missed Draco opening the package. It was sitting next to his place-setting, unwrapped and under the protective barrier of his books.


The letter from mum was permission to adopt one of the cats from Sirius. When I'd gone to visit him a while back, I'd quite fallen in love with the littlest of the three cats. She's cute and soft and adorable, and such a cuddle-whore. I'd asked Sirius if I could keep her, but he'd said I needed mum's permission since I'd have to take her home with me over Summer Holiday.

That was weeks ago. I'd almost forgotten I asked her. Then I'd decided the answer was 'no' and she was trying to find a nice way to break it to me. I guess the depay was just because she decided to send the return post with Errol. I can imagine it took him the entire three weeks to get here.

Poor bird.

She also included a small square of folded and sealed paper with an "S" on it. I'm going to bet it's a letter for Sirius. I'll have to ask Ron if I can borrow Pig to send it to him, since it'll be at least the weekend before I can get back out to Hogsmeade, and I've no idea how important this is.

In the meantime, I need to make arrangements to keep a cat in my dorm. Now all she needs is a name.....

And how do I find out what Draco thought of the cookies?

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Monday, March 31st, 2003
11:17 pm
I feel the pressing need to confess....
to Ron: that Draco & I are officially a couple now.

to Neville: that I'm the one who set him up for all the attention he's getting lately.

to Draco: that I'm starting to think this might be more than a crush.

Mind you, I probably won't tell any of them any of this. But I really really want to.

I am going to tell Draco about "Story Night" though. I think he should know our secret is out .....sort of.

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